Transform your venue into an electrifying paradise for families of all ages by incorporating an arcade that will breathe new life into your unused floor space! 


Seize the chance to transform casual customers into dedicated regulars by selecting the perfect machines that will complement your venue, whether it's a compact mini arcade or a grand setup with all the bells and whistles. 


Picture the sheer delight and thrill that these machines will bring to your venue, creating unforgettable memories for your guests. 


Why wait any longer? Make the savvy decision to elevate your business and deliver unparalleled experiences for your visitors. 


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your venue to the next level!

Air Hockey

The Fast Paced Fav!

Air hockey tables are a crucial component for establishing a new arcade.


Our selection includes two types: two-player and four-player tables. 


Each air hockey machine in our inventory undergoes a meticulous selection process, with a focus on strong performance models. 


This ensures that we avoid the prevalent issue of substandard air hockey tables that often populate the arcade market.

Theatre Arcade

Immersive Play

Step into a world where gaming transcends the screen and

becomes a full-body experience. 


The moment your customers enter the cockpit, they are thrust

into a realm of larger-than-life controllers that beckon them to

take control. 


Surround sound envelops them, not just from the front, but from all

directions, immersing them in a symphony of audio. 


The massive screen before them shines brighter than ever, encased

within the cockpit, creating a visual spectacle that transports players into

a VIP IMAX gaming experience. 


Don't just play the game - be in the game, where reality and virtuality merge to push the boundaries of gaming as we know it.


The Arcade Must!

Ah, the iconic arcade machine that springs to mind when you hear the word "arcade"! 


These bad boys are like magnets, attracting all sorts of folks - from kids learning the ropes with their family to grown-ups eyeing that elusive keyring prize.


There's a whole smorgasbord of sizes to choose from, whether you fancy a petite wall unit or a whopping 12-player extravaganza.


And hey, the best part? It's just 2p or 10p a pop! 


Get pushing them coins!

The Boxer!

More Than A Punch!

The Kalkomat Boxer is a versatile and compact addition that can be easily installed in various venues. 


It comes in several versions including a single punch boxer, dual punch and kick boxer, and a smaller version designed for kids. 


The new prize boxer is specifically designed as a skill with prizes game, catering to Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) and large public houses.


Kalkomat Boxers offer various games where players can compete against each other, testing their speed, reflexes, and power all in one machine.

Plush Cranes

One machine. So many ways!

Cranes are a captivating attraction that can enhance the appeal of your venue, particularly for families. 


While arcades commonly feature plush teddy cranes, smaller versions are also available for a variety of family-oriented settings, such as public houses and hotels. 


Pricing options are flexible and can be tailored to individual customer preferences. 


We offer cranes with the choice of a fixed price for a guaranteed prize every time, or a price per play, which is recommended for larger or licensed plush teddys. 


Our teddy plush inventory is regularly updated through partnerships with manufacturers to ensure a fresh selection for returning customers. Additionally, we incorporate seasonal teddies into our refill rotation throughout the year.


Shoot. Drive. Emerse!

The world of videos is vast and ever-growing, offering endless possibilities for entertainment and joy. 


Each video comes to life on a screen, now bigger and better than ever before. No matter your preference, there is a video amusement machine out there for you. 


From the grand 100" screen deluxe motion simulator for a large family entertainment centre to a compact video perfect for a small space, the options are limitless. 


Your arcade or games room can be transformed with the perfect video machine. If you have a specific machine in mind, don't hesitate to reach out to us. 


We are here to help you find the perfect video to suit your needs. 

Embrace the world of videos and let them bring excitement and fun into your life.


The possibilities are endless - it's time to take action and make your entertainment dreams a reality.

Basketball Machines

Ball's In Your Court!

Hey there, hoopsters! Basketball is the ultimate way to shoot some hoops and have a ball with your friends.


Whether you're teaming up or going head-to-head, it's all about that interactive fun! 


Now, when it comes to basketball machines, not much has changed in the design department - except for those flashy LEDs that are sure to catch your eye and draw you in like a moth to a flame. 


And get this - you can even link up multiple machines for some epic showdowns, plus there's the added bonus of ticket redemption. Talk about a slam dunk!

But wait, there's more! We've got mini basketball machines perfect for family entertainment centres and arcades looking to cater to all ages. So grab your crew, lace up those trainers, and get ready to shoot some hoops like never before! 


Let the games begin!

Whacker - Whac-A-Mole

It's Never Been So Much Fun!

Whac-A-Mole, the iconic game hailing from Japan in 1975, has undergone a remarkable transformation into a captivating and dynamic experience that dares players to think outside the box. No longer confined to mere reflexes, this reimagined version introduces reverse characters that will truly test your coordination skills. 


Keep your wits about you as you target only the mischievous moles, breaking free from the confines of traditional gameplay. 

Embrace the avant-garde evolution of Whac-A-Mole and prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing LED lights and immersive sounds that instantly react to your reactions transporting you to a whole new realm of entertainment . 


Let your imagination run wild and revel in the cutting-edge excitement that awaits you.

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